Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our Garden Goals

In order to achieve our dream of self sufficient living it is important to set some goals and put together a plan. We understand that in our lives things rarely go exactly as planned. What we want to accomplish is will take time. Mark and I have worked hard this summer to prepare for our backyard wedding. It was so wonderful to work together with our friends and family and everything turned out beautifully.

Goal 1 – Grow enough food to feed our household (2 people) with surplus to share with our friends and neighbors. Preserve as much of the harvest as possible for winter consumption. Whatever we cannot grow ourselves buy from local farmers and ranchers.

Goal 2 – Install water catchments and grey water reuse systems. Conserve as much water as possible.

Goal 3 – Decrease our waste by consuming less and recycling everything we possibly can.

Goal 4 – Install solar panels for electricity and heating (within 5 years)