Monday, January 01, 2007


When Mark and I moved in to our house in 2002 we were faced with cleaning up a big mess. The previous tenant had littered the property with old cars and parts and wood piles. I remember one afternoon Mark found an entire couch when weed-eating the back corner of the yard. It was very overwhelming as we filled dumpster after dumpster of garbage. The yard is ½ acre and there was no landscape other than the 6ft plus high weeds that tool over every spring, then dried out and turned into a very ugly fire hazard each summer. We worked so hard trying to get them under control. I was out at the dumps one Saturday morning and came across some beautiful old windows at the recycle center. I bought them all for $15 and drafted up a greenhouse design that used all of the recycled windows. My awesome father came over and built the frame. The photos above reflect what the yard looked like after we removed most of the garbage. It took 13, twenty yard dumpsters in all to get it cleaned.