Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I was flipping through the March issue of Sunset Magazine and came across this great garden design plan. I think I am going to use this as my inspiration for my revamped veggie garden this year. I love the idea of using half moon shapes instead of rectangular beds. I also really like the texture of the rock vs. using wooden boards as I've done in the past. There is also some great info on raised bed gardening on the Sunset website .


mindy said...

you do realize that a bunch of us who've seen your garden already think it's a suburban oasis, don't you? (Of course, you were a little busy and couldn't hear folks' admiring comments when they were at your house last summer...)

Angelina said...

I love raised beds that use rocks instead of boards but if you don't have rocks already I wonder how expensive or hard it is to acquire them?

In my last garden (in Santa Rosa) we had lots of great rocks to use for raised beds and I loved the effect. Here though, we have none.

Sarah said...

I'll be out hunting down rocks next week. I've found a local place that sells wall rock by the pallet. I've already used 3 pallets in the yard on the flowerbeds. It will probably take at least 2 more for the garden. They are not super cheap, but since they will last forever I look at it as a better investment that the wood.