Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chicken Moves

What an exciting weekend here on Ward Road. Friday night brought an intense downpour. The road was completely covered in water. We got a visit from our neighbor around 8pm with news that her kitchen was under water. Their pump was not sufficient to move water out of the yard fast enough and it was seeping into the house. Since it was pouring, we borrowed anther pump from our neighbor and got the water moving again. By Saturday morning the water level had gone down enough that the kitchen was no longer under water. Saturday was rain free so we moved the chicken coop to dryer ground. Our chickens were extremely confused by the new location and we spent about 2 hours chasing them down. The tried to roost in the bay tree but we managed to catch them all and put them back in the coop. We got the coop covered in plastic so the rain won't get in anymore. We added some dry rice straw for bedding and they are as happy as can be.