Monday, January 28, 2008

New Years Resolutions 2008

While growing my own organic food is a wonderful way to become more self sufficient, there are some additional steps that I plan to take in the next couple years.
· Install an outdoor, solar heated shower and tub for summertime use in the garden.
· Install a clothesline for drying all of my laundry
June –September.
· Stop using plastic grocery bags. Make cloth bags out of my excess fabric supply.
· Compost and Recycle everything possible.
· Build a root cellar for storing veggies.
· Stop shopping at giant superstores. Support local farmers for all of the items I cannot grow myself. Buy local grass fed meats and local cheeses, butter and milk (organic). Switch to all organic beauty and health products.
· Shop for groceries only once per week and limit driving to conserve fuel.
· Clean out all excess clutter and stuff I don’t need out of my home and garage.
· Build a fire pit and a solar cooker in2008 and add a cob oven 2009.
· Can, freeze and preserve as much of the excess harvest for winter time consumption. Make homemade wine and vinegar.
· Use my dried gourds to build bird houses. Feed the birds year round.
· Install bat houses and an owl house
· Raise honey bees
· Build a water catchment system to harvest rain water from my garage and greenhouse. Use this water in the summer to cut down on the well use. I am hoping to harvest 500-750 gallons of water in 2009.
· Install Grey water system for bathroom sinks/shower and washer water conservation 2009.
· Install solar power panels, beginning with my water heater and by 2010 become completely solar powered.