Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring is here

Spring is finally here in full force and I have been enjoying all of the beauty that it brings to my garden. The tulips, ranunculus and daffodils are blooming and the fruit trees are just covered with blossoms. The grapes have started to bud and promise to provide a beautiful backdrop to the flower garden. I keep thinking about the bounty that will follow in the late summer. My girls have really been enjoying the weather. They are scratching and pecking away, they love to dig up freshly planted flower bulbs and have completely annihilated the chicks and hens I had planted in the flower border. It doesn’t bother me too much these days. I just keep tucking the disturbed plants back into the soil and hoping for the best. Only the strong survives in my garden. I’ve got two cats, two dogs and 8 hens. My little menagerie keeps me on my toes, and they are sure to weed out anything but the toughest of flowers in my borders. If only they would take care of the weeds with equal enthusiasm…. This week I will finally be starting my summer veggies. I am looking forward to peppers, eggplant and tomatos. I have been working on a garden design plan. My garden planting area is 80ft wide by 43 ft deep. Minus my Green House, I have 2,960 square feet of planting area. I am planning to fill that space with as many veggies as possible. I’m hoping to stay on the 100 foot diet all summer long this year. Food prices are rising and I would rather invest in my own backyard garden then spend money at the grocery store.


Angelina said...

Very few people plant ranunculus here, I wonder why? I had lots of them in my Sonoma garden. I've been enjoying the daffodils here though.

Since we're in the middle of the move I haven't gotten any gardening actually done but I have been thinking a lot about a garden plan. I wish I was all done with the move already so I could get my hands in the dirt. It's going to have to be all raised beds here because of solid clay dirt.

So what's your plan?

Sarah said...

Hi Angelina

I'm putting in 5 raised beds and adding another truckload of rice hull/duck compost everywhere else. It's a constant battle trying to work with the clay soil. I'm glad you are into your new house. I can't wait to read about your gardening :)