Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Special Valentines Gift

For Valentines Day this year Mark wanted to make me a gift for our garden. I had seen photos of these really cool garden obelisks in a magazine and decided that they would be just the thing. He did such a great job on them they are really magnificent. I am planning on growing Morning Glories, Purple Hyacinth Beans and Scarlett runner beans on them this summer. The tall ones are 8ft high and the little one is 4ft. Sometimes I am amazed at the mad skills my husband has when it comes to woodworking. Apparently in his senior year of high school he had 5 periods of wood shop. It is really nice to have a handy hubby like him around.


Angelina said...

First of all, I've checked back to your blog a few times recently and my computer didn't refresh the pages-how weird is that? So I am way behind on your posts!

Second of all- I'm really impressed and also envious of your trellises. They look awesome.