Friday, April 18, 2008

Roller Derby Team

Last September I decided to take up Roller Derby. I don’t remember why exactly, I was mainly just looking for a way to get some good exercise in the gardening off season.

I cannot express in words exactly how terrible I was at skating. Let’s just say that in the beginning there was much more down time than up time. Although it was very difficult (and still is) I have persevered.

I practiced for over 10 weeks before trying out and making our local team Sonoma County Roller Derby. I have been on the team since January 1st and have been steadily improving. This is not a sport to be taken lightly. Our team practices together 3 nights a week. We work very hard and so far this season we are undefeated. It is now finally time for me to skate in my first Bout.

On April 26th we will be having our first home Bout of the season and I will be skating. I am extremely very nervous about making a fool of myself. Family friends and coworkers have all been invited. Honestly, I’m really not sure that I am ready for this quite yet. We have two teams The Wine Country Home Wreckers and the North Bay Bruisers. I will be playing as a Homewrecker. This is usually the travel team sent to wreck other home teams around the state.

This week one of our local papers is running a cover story about our team.

The cover photo is Susie Roundwheels. She is amazing! It's hard to believe that Susie is 52 years old. She hits like a ton of bricks.


Angelina said...

I am very impressed with anyone who does roller derby. Do you wear a tooth guard? Good luck on your first bout!!

kendra said...

That's awesome! I love it. Good luck!

mindy said...

Waahhooo! I so wish I could come and watch you wreck da house. I'm so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

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Well, this is a long shot. But regardless, good luck to you and take care.

Jaki the roller derby fan said...

Welcome to the Roller Derby cult :)
I'm glad it's making a comeback, unfortunately I'm too fragile :) so I just watch. (yeh call me a wimp)

Anonymous said...

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