Monday, May 05, 2008

The 15 yards of compost we ordered has been delivered. It is a mixture of rice hulls and duck manure. I spent hours moving it on Sunday. Mark was hard at work installing 4 new water faucets in the back yard.

This is the back garden plot. I moved 20 wheel barrels full of compost back here. Next step is to finish tilling it in and then form out the beds. It's taking much longer than I anticipated to get the garden in this year. It seems like there is always something other than the garden on the schedule.


kendra said...

Wow! What a job! You must have been achy after all that hauling. This is actually the first year that we haven't had compost delivered.

Angelina said...

It's looking good. where are the raised beds your husband made?

Is that an olive tree?

Sarah said...

So far only one of the raised beds is completed. Instead of purchasing the lumber for the rest of the boxes, I have decided that we should go on a honeymoon instead. We've been married for almost one year and have yet to go on our honeymoon. Next week we are going to Cancun and I will be planting into the adobe instead of nice raised beds. The tree on the photo is a Bay Laurel. I do have 10 olive trees planted along the back fence. They are still really small. They were picked up at a garage sale for $1 each.