Monday, May 05, 2008

The Garden Next Door

My next door neighbor (mom) has been busy building cinder block garden boxes. These are cemented into place. Pretty impressive! They do look a little like burial plots, but she is going to stucco the outsides and make them much prettier.


Angelina said...

I was interested in doing cinderblock garden beds but it seems so much more expensive than wood. I will love to see her beds when they're done.

You live next door to your mom?

Sarah said...

Actually, my sister live right next door to me and my mom is just one house over. My father and my stepmother live two doors down. We live on a private dirt road. it's a really peaceful relaxed place to live. When my parents got a divorce they had to divide up the various pieces of property that they'd acquired on the road. Both of them refused to move. Mark and I are buying one of the houses my father built. My sister lives in my mom’s rental unit. It sounds strange, but it is really convenient when I don’t feel like cooking to wander down the street to see what’s cooking next door.