Friday, February 06, 2009

Garden Plans for 09 so far

Plans for 2009

Garden Layout – I have decided to cut our garden size in half this year. Instead of planting in wide rectangular beds, I am planting in circular beds inspired by the system set up by Linda Woodrow in her book called The Permaculture Home Garden.

Chicken Tractor – Building a dome PVC Chicken tractor to move around the garden for soil cultivation and fertilization

Water Conservation: - Re Routing grey water from our washer into the garden, very heavy layers of rice straw mulch ala Ruth Stouts “No Work Method”, cutting back on the amount of veggies grown. No more sprinkler irrigation (drip only), Rain Barrels. Composting In Place

Moving??- We may be buying a new home this year. We’ve been doing a lot of looking, but have not found the right place yet.

It’s time to start posting again….Took a nice long break, but it’s time to get the garden going again. Stay tuned