Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grape Vines

Grape Vine Fence

Baby Grapes
Planted along the fence line that separates our yard into smaller sections are 10 grapevines with an assortment of different types of grapes (some wine some table). I was thrilled to see some nice little grape clusters formed. The grapevines do a nice job of disguising the wood and wire fence and make a very pretty green wall. We planted the grapes right before our wedding last June. They were a little stressed out last year and did not produce many edible grapes. I work for a big winery and have all of the wine I could ever drink, however I am considering trying to make some homemade wine this year and lots of grape jelly for PB&J's.


Anonymous said...

Hello - just found your post on grapes and we are wanting to plant some vines as a fence. Can you share some dimentions, etc. of what you did here? Thanks!