Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lavender Harvest

I invited my mother over this weekend to harvest some of our lavender. We have over 100 plants. I absolutely love the scent as I walk around the garden. It has been so alive over the last couple of weeks with the buzzing hum of hundreds of bumble bees busy at work. I sat on our lawn at the edge of the lavender watching a bee sip nectar from the tiny little blossoms. It was absolutely amazing. My mom took a wheel barrel full but there is much more. I am on a quest to find some really good uses for it this year. Last year I let it go unused. I'm thinking dryer sachets to add lavender scent to my linens. Anyone have any particular suggestions on how to use 3 more wheel barrels (at least) of dried lavender? If so please share :)


Angelina said...

you can use it as a tea bath: steep the dried blossoms in boiling hot water for fifteen minutes, strain, and then add to your bath. You can also make some great herbal tea baths using lavender in combination with other herbs like rosemary and mint.

I also like to put bouquet of lavender in different rooms of my house so everything smells good but you probably already do that!

You can also add the dried blossoms to bath salts but you'll need a drain catcher to keep the flowers from clogging your water pipes.

Sarah said...

Those are all fabulous ideas!
Thank you Angelina.

Green Grrl said...

Love that picture of your lavender harvest. My much smaller harvest is drying in my sun room. I wasn't sure what to do with it either so I'm looking forward to trying the tea bath.

AJK said...

Wow! That is an amazing amount of Lavender! Some Chocolates have dried crushed Lavender in them, simply delish!