Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ripen Peppers Indoors

The bugs keep getting to my ripe peppers before I can. It is really irritating and I decided to do something about it. I read someplace that you can ripen peppers indoors like you can do with green tomatoes. Mark and I went out on Sunday and picked boxes of green peppers on the verge of turning yellow and orange. We brought them in and cleaned the really well, careful to get all of the bug ridden ones separated out. We then dried them and laid them in clean cardboard boxes covered in newspaper. I will be checking on them every other day or so to see if they are getting ripe. I hope this works!


Anonymous said...

How did your 'peppers' ripen (they're called capsicums in Australia)? Did they rot, get eaten or were they a sucess?
Cheers, Linda

Sarah said...

The peppers ripened wonderfully...This really works. I had to keep checking them every couple of days to make sure none were too ripe. It also worked great for my greenish tomatoes as well

Anonymous said...

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